Monitoring of pasteurization systems

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Pasteurizer Test Kits – Used with colostrum or milk

Kits include all necessary materials for the sampling of milk or colostrum. Also included are materials for transporting the samples to our closest laboratory. Also included are the submission forms for proper identification of samples as well as client ID. The entire kit comes with a pre-paid USPS mailer for your convenience.

It is advised to monitor your pasteurization system at least monthly and preferably weekly to monitor protocol compliance and assure a quality product is fed.

Colostrum should be monitored at least every 20 freshened cows to validate fresh cow protocols. Monitoring should occur more frequently if calvings are farther apart.

Data Logging Analysis Kit

Monitors time and temperature for 7 days on the milk pasteurization system. This allows for management of equipment and personnel to assure that on farm processes are executed as designed.

Calf Blankets

Holstein calf size in stock, small calf (Jersey) available upon request.

10 gallon Pasteurizer

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30 gallon Pasteurizer

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Pasteurize waste cows milk and colostrum
CalfStart understands the value of your
replacements and strives to assist you
optimizing their productivity through
monitoring, education and consultation in
the management of newborn calf nutrition
using whole pasteurized milk and colostrum systems.

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