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CalfStart is committed to the on going monitoring of pasteurization systems. The intent is to provide real time system analysis to assure optimal performance of your pasteurization equipment, process and protocols to deliver the highest quality colostrum or milk to calves.

The company was started by Robert J. Schell, DVM. Dr. Schell is a 1983 graduate of the University of Minnesota, College of Veterinary Medicine. Since graduation, he has been a private dairy practitioner, actively working with producers to maximize overall herd health and improve herd profitability. As a partner in a century old family dairy farm, he brings first hand insight and solutions to his clients. Dr. Schell incorporated a DairyTech batch pasteurizer on his dairy in 2003 for routine feeding of discard milk. Since then he has been an avid supporter of both the health benefits for calves, as well as, the positive economic impact for dairy producers seen from pasteurization systems.

Working with DairyTech and dairy producers through out the Midwest, lead him to the realization of the need for ongoing monitoring of pasteurization systems. Both in terms of the quality of milk entering the system and the quality of the product feed to newborn calves.

CalfStart was initiated in 2009 to assist dairymen and women by providing a simple sampling process for routine monitoring of one of their most valuable resources – milk for young calves. The company offers a complete sampling kit to collect, package and ship samples to the laboratory. The kit cost includes a complete panel of laboratory analysis and timely results to assist the dairy producer in managing their pasteurization system and assure the highest quality milk product for their calves. Laboratory analysis will be provided through email and via member only secure website postings. The website member site allows the producer to access historical data and monitor data trends on their respective dairy.

Pasteurize waste cows milk and colostrum
CalfStart understands the value of your
replacements and strives to assist you
optimizing their productivity through
monitoring, education and consultation in
the management of newborn calf nutrition
using whole pasteurized milk and colostrum systems.

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