Monitoring of pasteurization systems

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Pasteurizer - 12 - Double Sample Kits
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12 seperate, Double sampling kits

Materials for the sampling of milk and/or colostrum, materials for transporting the samples to our closest laboratory, sample identification form, client ID, pre-paid USPS mailer. Included in kit are sample vials for 2 (double) sets of three samples(all from same batch); usually a pre-pasteurization sample, post-pasteurization sample, and a sample from product as fed to the calf ( usually from the last volume of milk or colostrum fed from the same batch of product).

The kit completed is able to test two batches of milk and/or colostrum.  

This is the preferred kit for systems pasteurizing milk and colostrum on their dairy. Allows the ability to test one each, batch of milk and colostrum, for pre, post and calf fed time analysis..

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