Monitoring of pasteurization systems
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AG-102 ANIMAL Thermometer

Designed specifically for use by veterinarians and professional animal handlers, this new state-of-the-art animal thermometer is smartphone-sized, fast, lightweight, water resistant and reliable in harsh environments; perfect for temperature acquisition of cattleClinically accurate temperature.

Clinical temperature accuracy for field use has always been unaffordable, until now! Instead of spending thousands of dollars, the AG-102 gives you the same clinical temperature accuracy at a fraction of the cost! Each unit comes with a “Certificate of Calibration" from the factory.

Technology-Enhanced Performance. With the AG-102's fast measurement cycle, you no longer have to waste time waiting for your old, heavy and unreliable thermometer to finally reach temperature. The ultra-fast speed of the AG-102 comes from the relationship of its proprietary

probe and the device’s software.

Once inserted, the smart probe quickly senses the temperature rise from ambient and instantly heats up to within just a few degrees of the core body temperature. This allows for faster temperature acquisition times in extreme cold weather conditions.


With the powerful rechargeable lithium battery, the thermometer will give you 2-3 days of typical use on one charge. Recharging is fast, easy and convenient almost anywhere via USB-A port with a PC, 120 volt wall outlet or the included vehicle adapter. The USB connection can also be used to download the latest product software releases.



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