Monitoring of pasteurization systems

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Calves with Sam: Clean Colostrum

02 Sep 2014 17:09:55 Z

I had an opportunity to collect colostrum samples on Thursday last week. One sample was from the collection bucket. The cow had calved about 30 minutes ago - she was up, steady on her feet and was busy licking her calf. After she was restrained the caregiver cleaned up the teats and milked her into a clean collection bucket. After a gallon of colostrum was poured off for feeding the calf I collected my sample from the bucket. A bacteria culture showed 6,500 cfu/ml Staph species.

Calves with Sam: Auto-Feeders Need to be Cleaned, Too

02 Sep 2014 17:09:55 Z

I had the opportunity to observe a auto-feeder representative teach an owner how to run the cleaning operations for an automatic calf feeder. What an education for me!

Calves with Sam: Where is the Cocciostat?

02 Sep 2014 17:09:55 Z

"How are you controlling coccidia?" That was my question to the dairyman. The answer was, "I have X coccidiostat in the calf starter grain." Calves are housed individually in hutches, grain is replaced daily for younger calves, for older calves the pail contents are checked daily and more grain added is needed so the calves do no run out of grain before the next feeding. Calves have free-choice water. The dairyman said that the pre-weaned calves did not show clinical signs of coccidiosis although they did have some scours among calves three to four weeks old.

Calf Research Updates

02 Sep 2014 17:09:55 Z

Scientists from around the globe presented the results of their most recent research at the joint annual meeting of the American Dairy Science Association and the American Society of Animal Science last month in Kansas City, Missouri. This article highlights some of the latest findings related to feeding and managing dairy calves.

Calves with Sam: Surge in Calving, Yet Again

02 Sep 2014 17:09:55 Z

How can a surge in calving be a surprise? The cows have been pregnant for nine months!


We are committed to strategic monitoring of dairy pasteurization systems.

The intent is to provide real time system analysis to assure optimal performance of your pasteurization equipment, process and protocols to deliver the highest quality colostrum or milk to newborn calves.
We are obsessive with quality work and our portfolio shows it. We specialize in microbiology, data logging, education and consultation in the management of newborn calf nutrition using pasteurized whole milk and colostrum systems. We remove the guesswork from your system’s performance and offer a benchmarking network to maximize your resources in feeding newborn dairy calves.

On Going Monitoring

Utilizing data from your system, we provide feedback that allows you to routinely monitor how your system is functioning. This information can be used to assure that established processes are being adequately executed and that one of your most valuable resources, your calves are being feed the best quality milk.

Bacteria counts; CFU’s/ml

(Colony Forming Units/ml)

Total solids and pH reporting on your milk /colostrum samples
Sampling done on Pre-pasteurization, Post-pasteurization, and at the time milk is fed to calves. Incorporating these monitoring tools enables you to optimize your investment and assure that your calves are routinely being fed the highest quality milk possible.

IgG concentrations available for the individual calf or colostrum samples

A quantitative number, more specific than total protein concentration, as to the immune system and overall health of your calf.

Pasteurization System Benchmarking

Data from your system is benchmarked to provide comparative information on the performance of your system and protocols. This information is provided only to you for your dairy.


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